The following mission-related seminars cover a wide range of purposes and include the following target audiences:

  • The whole church (Teens and Adults),
  • Those reaching out cross-culturally in your own city
  • Missionary Candidates … and those exploring mission as a possible vocation
  • Global Outreach Teams
  • Pray-ers
  • Senders
  • Marketplace Ministers

CAT & DOG THEOLOGY (Focus: The glory of God and His global purposes)
This powerful live seminar provides five one-hour sessions leading participants to a change of mind, heart, and spirit. “Cat and Dog Theology” is a multi-media production utilizing state of the art software. With professionally produced, one-of-a-kind audio files and visuals changing rapidly, congregations are on the edge of their seats as they are captured by the significance and simplicity of the message. The following are one sentence descriptions of each lecture: 1) Who is the main character of the Bible? 2) Dangers that result from a people-centered theology. 3) How can we bring our Father the greatest glory?” 4) How many Christians are only reading half of their Bible? 5) “Since we’ve had the Great Commission for 2,000 years and we’ve known of God’s desire to reach all nations…how are we accomplishing the goal?” For a book version of this seminar (and twice the material), click here.

CROSSING CULTURES (Focus: Weekend Training for Local Cross-Cultural Outreach)
Crossing Cultures is an eye-opening weekend workship that provides a cross-cultural experience in your city. The workshop teaches some basics about missions and a lot about interacting with our neighbors from other cultures. This opportunity will encourage Christians to step out of their comfort zones and into local ethnic communities where they can begin lasting relationships. Come learn how to initiate conversations, ask questions, and listen to stories as you meet immigrants in shops, markets, parks, and restaurants.

ETHNOGRAPHY TRAINING (Focus:To impart cultural research techniques used by short-term research teams, church planters, strategists, and students)
Online course where participants sharpen their skills in finding people to teach them, building bridges of trust, asking engaging questions, analyzing findings, working in pairs and teams, and exploring questions of significance in how churches and ministries grow in society.

EMMAUS ROAD INTERNATIONAL SEMINARS (Focus: Miscellaneous Seminars for Senders, Goers, Intercessors and Global Outreach Teams)
ERI provides a number of excellent training opportunities (live or on audio and video) for local churches and missionary candidates, including: Serving as Senders, Prepare for Battle, For Those Who Go, and Nothing Good Just Happens. For more details write: Emmaus Road, International, 7150 Tanner Court, San Diego, CA 92111 Tel/Fax: 858-292-7020 Email:

THE JOURNEY DEEPENS (Focus: Weekend Retreat for Prospective Missionary Candidates)
Has God been stirring you to consider doing more in missions? I invite you to come with me to a weekend retreat with 50 prospective missionaries and five missionary mentors who come together for worship, prayer and small group discussions. This weekend will deepen our relationship with Jesus and help us explore what it is like to be a missionary, discover whether a missionary or sender role is God’s fit, and connect with mission agencies. Lots of answers on how someone could become a missionary in another culture. All the details are online .

DESIGN YOUR IMPACT By DualReach (Focus: Global Outreach Team Training)
The Design Your Impact Workshop is a five-hour, fast-paced, interactive program that helps a local church discover its unique DNA and determine a strategic focus that will maximize its resources for global/local impact. The workshop employs a variety of media and an interactive learning style to help church leaders customize a strategic missions focus based on who they are as a local body of believers.

WISDOM FOR THE WINDOW: Practical Training for Prayer Journeyers (DVD)
Practical Training for Prayer Journeyers: A four-hour training session presented by Steve Hawthorne. Basic biblical basis and practical approaches to on-site prayer amidst the least evangelized world. Useful for prayerwalking anywhere, the series provides a dynamic introduction to prayerwalking. Contact: Waymakers at: