“The history of missions is the history of answered prayer.” — Samuel Zwemer

Missions-oriented prayer not only includes praying for missionaries dear to your heart, but also for people groups and whole countries. It can also include praying for mobilizers to be raised up and for your city’s churches to be awakened and networking for the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. Go ahead, throw some of this “wood” on the fire of your heart and see where it takes you in the world—through prayer!

  • ARTICLE: PRAYER AS A STRATEGIC WEAPON IN FRONTIER MISSIONS by John Robb – One of the best articles on prayer for the expansion of Christ’s kingdom you’ll every read. As you build your prayer life, this is one article you should put within your calendar reminder system to review at least annualy for a “faith-lift” and inspiration. To see Robb’s article practically lived out read, THE PRAYER OF FAITH BY J.O. FRASER.
  • ARTICLE: PRAYER SUPPORT by Neal Pirolo – This online chapter from Pirolo’s classic, Serving as Senders, is loaded with great insights and biblical support for why and how to pray for the missionaries you know and support.
  • BOOK: TOUCH THE WORLD THROUGH PRAYER, by Wesley Duewel – Described by some as the best and most comprehensive book written on how to pray effectively for world evangelization.
  • PRAYER TOOL: OPERATION WORLD, by Patrick Johnstone – Essential to every serious believer, this small prayer encyclopedia opens up every country of the world to a person who wants to know what God has been doing there. Detailed beyond any secular encyclopedia, unmatched in its exposure of the surprising and powerful reality of God’s Spirit in country after country. Set to a daily prayer schedule for a whole year! For a daily Operation World prayer topic, go to:
    If we are going to see the North American Church awakened to mission – beyond the current small percentage of churches passionate for God’s global glory – it will take more than vision casting, hard work and great resources. It will take a sustained effort of prayer. We believe God is looking for a few willing and persistent prayer warriors for each city. Perhaps you’re one of them!

Digging Deeper

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