Your apartment building is on fire! Grab a garden hose, or wake up 100 sleeping firemen?

Years ago, mission strategist Ralph Winter used the 100 Sleeping Fireman analogy to help us see the great value of staying long enough to mobilize a host of others for missions before heading to the field ourselves. Future missionary or not, below are great links to help you discern if God is calling you to mobilize not only new missionaries for the field, but a host of others to serve as senders, intercessors, welcomers, mobilizers & networkers!

  • ARTICLE: MOBILIZATION: KEY TO WORLD EVANGELIZATION by Steve Shadrach – Mobilizers are those who channel key resources, training and vision for world evangelization to the Body of Christ. It has been said, that to improperly appreciate and support the role of the mobilizer is to seriously hinder the functions of the goer, sender, and welcomer.

If we are going to see the world evangelised we are going to have to see some major steps forward in the mobilisation of the whole church. I believe that every believer should be involved in this great task.

  • BOOKS (Students): 1) WAKING THE GIANT by Ryan Shaw – Waking the Giant envisions and provides practical tools for individuals and ministries among the emerging generation to be set aflame through a grassroots mission movement.  2) THE FUEL AND THE FLAME by Steve Shadrach – Five keys to personal preparation (the fuel) and five keys to ministry implementation (the flame) are defined and expanded on in order to develop students into the future Christian leaders of our world.
    by David Mays – What would it look like if your church were organized around the Great Commission? And what would it take to make it happen? This booklet helps church leaders think about church from a fresh perspective.

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