Intro to Missions Courses

So many missions courses … which one is best?!

The following introduction-to-mission courses have their strengths and weaknesses. While some are better for small groups, others are better for Global Outreach teams. Some emphasize the Biblical Basis of Mission while others are better on the practical, how-to-get-involved issues. If you are still in doubt about what’s best for your group, email: dave(at)

NOTE: A brief evaluation for a number of these courses can be found by clicking here.

COUNT FOR ZERO (Currently unavailable)
A free, high-quality 6-week small group downloadable video curriculum by Issachar Initiative on the Great Commission. Complete with video sessions, a participant guide and sermon outlines. Week One ~ The Challenge of the Great Commission | Week Two ~ Scripture Translation & Orality | Week Three ~ Evangelism | Week Four ~ Reaching Unengaged People Groups & Planting the Church | Week Five ~ Intentional Giving | Week Six ~ Getting Involved

Gods Heart for the Nations rips apart the old, traditional understandings of Gods plan and purpose for our lives. In eight lessons, author and global activist, Jeff Lewis, lays bare the heart and mind of God as he combines powerful Bible passages with challenging and provocative questions. Each lesson is followed by a time of meditation (Selah) and a focus on an unreached people group. If you really knew the heart and mind of God, would you dare to follow Him?

Impact Eternity is a five week study to capture God’s heart and purpose for people groups around the world and how your church can become involved. This study provides the biblical foundation and the first steps in the process of adopting an unreached people group.

Formerly called the Condensed World Mission Course, Kairos is a condensation of Dr Jonathan Lewis’s World Mission study (The Perspectives Reader with an outstanding commentary with discussion questions interspersed throughout). The CWMC Reader and Study Guide combination contains eight chapters and covers the four essential areas of mission concern: Biblical, Historical, Cultural & Strategic. Note: This course has become a growing movement and is a strategic tool for the Church around the world to become involved in mission. It’s main hurdle is that – like the Perspectives Course – it requires a trained coordinator.

Based partially on the life-changing course, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, Operation WorldView introduces the Biblical, Historical, Cultural, and Strategic aspects of world missions. Eight lessons are presented through a live seminar event — or through a video/DVD curriculum. Featuring powerful lessons based on classics such as “The Story of His Glory” and “The Kingdom Strikes Back,” Operation WorldView is perfect for local churches wanting to explore profound truths in Scripture, history and culture — to motivate greater involvement in world missions.

PATHWAYS TO GLOBAL UNDERSTANDING (13 weeks – Formerly Worldwide Perspectives and mostly held in Arizona)
PathWays is a dynamic 13-week journey that explores God’s worldwide agenda and the significant role each of us can play in His relentless Kingdom intentions. It answers questions such as:
:: What is God’s purpose among the nations?
:: How is God working in history?
:: How is His Kingdom advancing?
:: Where does this generation fit in?

PATHLIGHT TO GLOBAL UNDERSTANDING (5 weeks – Formerly Perspectives Exposure)
Pathlight explores God’s unchanging purposes and investigates how His global plan is unfolding in our generation. Designed to mobilize God’s people to connect their lives to His Kingdom purposes, this eye-opening study follows five paths to examine God’s work in the world: Biblical, Historical, Strategic, Cultural, and Partnership.

Introducing the Biblical, Historical, Cultural and Strategic dimensions of world mission. Over 60 denominations and mission agencies endorse Perspectives. Provides 90-150 hours of study. Undergraduate and graduate credit available at various U.S. schools. Excellent for all believers, but especially helpful for missionary candidates, missions committees, church leaders and pastors. Fifteen different professors, each an expert in his/her own field (over 700 nationwide) Over 180 extension sites across the U.S. Spanish Perspectives available on video as well as “Latinized” version of the textbook Also: African American, Korean and South Asian versions of the textbook. For information about Perspectives and a list of class locations contact: Perspectives Study Program/USCWM, 1605 Elizabeth Street, Pasadena, CA 91104, Ph: 626-398-2125 (Click here for video promo. For African American, Spanish, Korean, and South Asian-oriented Perspectives Readers call: 626-398-2200) (Click here for an online version of the Perspectives course)

In partnership with the Perspectives Study Program and The Traveling Team, OMF has produced a series of five-minute videos to help you discover how you can be involved through learning with intention, prayer, going cross-culturally as messengers of the gospel, sending (which includes giving), welcoming internationals around you and even mobilizing others for all of these strategic roles. 6 Ways to Reach the World includes discussion starters for small-group or large-class settings, and is easily shown in six sessions.
Click here to view the study book online.

(Formerly called: Unveiled, God’s Heart for His People)
Eight powerful half-hour sessions on DVD, plus workbooks and leaders guide, unveil the missionary purposes of God throughout the Bible. Outstanding for motivating believers to get serious about God’s call to reach every people group with the gospel.

Twelve online lessons. Brief but packed with insights that can begin a foundation of understanding global mission and each believers place in it.